HIWA promotes positive purchasing behaviour to provide better living situation for people who need it. This will result in better education for children, support and empower women and create jobs for people in developing countries.  

 Reihaneh Abuiemehrizi

HIWA’s inspiration began when I was an English teacher volunteer in Cambodia. I was spending most of my time with local people and traveling around during school holidays. All this time I was witnessing how poor and yet satisfied and hopeful these people are. It makes you realise that we take many things for granted in developed countries. Living in Cambodia was the turning point in my life and made me determined that I wanted to have a positive impact on those people’s lives. Cycling around the countrysides of Siem Reap, I visited locals who were hand-making bags from upcycled materials. Many of them were women with multiple responsibilities next to making bags. They were collecting cement,fish and rice bags, cleaning them and making bags out of them. It was then that the idea came into my mind that I had to do something to improve their life.

So HIWA was born. We are living in a world where people are getting more aware of the environment and the need for sustainability. On the other hand people in less developed parts of the world are struggling to make a living for their families and themselves. So introducing these sustainable and nice looking bags in non-asian countries will benefit both local villagers and trend lovers who are environmentally conscious.

HIWA strives for loving kindness for others, self and mother earth. We provide these well-designed bags aiming to create jobs and income for those families and to promote positive purchasing behaviour.





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